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    I have a dumb 'HOW DO YOU...' ebay question

    I'm sorry but this is annoying me since I cannot seem to figure it out, every time I try and price a card to sell to someone I usually look up how much the card is selling for on ebay, if there are multiple values I take the average price. My offer is then usually countered with "sorry but the very same card sold for ***lower than my suggested price*** 4 weeks ago, seeya!"

    How do you do that? It's frustrating me, where on ebay do you click on to search for PAST auctions as opposed to current auctions?


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    Yep, lemme tell you how...

    1. Next to the search bar, click on "Advanced."
    2. Enter the search terms but DON'T click "Search" yet.
    3. Scroll down and check the "Completed Listings" box.
    4. Now click "Search."

    This should pull up all completed auctions within a certain time period. The prices listed in red did NOT sell. The prices listed in green did sell at that price.

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    I just can't believe they removed asterisk searches.

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