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    Pc Help!

    I see lots of super-collectors with a percentage of cards collected of their PC player (ie 150/200 75%) I was wondering how they came up with that number of every single card produced of a certain player.
    Are there any strategies or websites that give you every single card produced of a specific player?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Well I'm not quite there yet with Malhotra (34%) but a lot of it has to do with the shear amount of time you've been collecting a player. (I've been collecting Malhotra for just over 1 year) This hobby's community is also very generous, many people are always willing to look for cards to help another collector, or even go as far as to take less in a deal to help that person. (I've been lucky enough to bump into these members of the community a bunch of times) Sometimes a super-collector will buy-out the collection of another collector (I'm in the midst of doing this myself) How thoroughly you search the internet for cards is also key. However, as hard as you work towards your PC the help of the community around you towards helping your PC also seems to be key to success in becoming known as a super collector. That's why I believe this hobby's community is still the best in the world since everyone is always willing to help another collector at any cost!

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    For starters, do a search on beckett and the scf inventory. Between those you should have virtually every major manufacturer's widely released cards (for my PC guys for example the only missing cards are 04-05 spa buybacks).

    You can then search your guy on UD's site, as well as go through the checklists on Panini and ITG sites for each set to double-check for any discrepancies - of course sometimes the different sites use slightly different names or have conflicting info, you can usually get help from the good folks here as at least someone always seems to have knowledge about any given set.

    ITG also has comprehensive info under the Redemptions link, most years they have detailed enough descriptions of what show promo cards were produced.

    Beyond that, it can be tough to put together a 100% accurate list of promo cards / oddball issues... making friends with folks online here at scf, especially who follow yoir fav team might be able to enlighten you about local issues.

    Of course when it comes to percentages, it can be debateable what to include... I personally include all non 1/1 pack-inserted cards from major manufacturers (ud / panini / itg... as well as mcd's annual set since they are widely distributed and finally major european sets like UD swedish collectors choice). I collect anything and everything Sedin-related, but don't include promotional cards, playing cards, arena giveaways, kraft dinner box backs, etc. I still want em all, but info on stuff like this is sketchy at best so I personally don't find it meaningful to include them in pct calculations. By my standards I was at just over 99% until Dominion and the 12-13 releases came out, hope to get back there soon :)

    Hope that helps!
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