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Thread: 11/12 Superlative III Break

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    11/12 Superlative III Break

    So here's the damage, Very happy with the book I think Superlative Seems like 1 of the better releases of the year.




    Gold /10



    Huge PC hit Tony Esposito Limited Patch

    Silver /3

    All available except the Tony O.

    TOP WANTS 07/08 ITG Ultimate Cornerstones /9
    any and all

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  2. Doniceage
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    WOWO that espo is crazy !!!
    MATT D'AGOSTINI , j.t. wyman

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    Wow sir. Just WOW. I skipped Superlative cuz of Christmas for my brat children. Every break I see on these boards makes me wish I'd stayed a hermit. Just kidding hahahahaaa. No I'm not. I looooooooooooooove that Linden, what uhhhhhhhh would you be looking for that one then???
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    Nice break. Interested in the Roy. Anything other than cornerstones for your wants?

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