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    can i get scans from both of you and if numbered numbering?

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    I don't have a scanner unfortunately but they are well centered. They are from this year 2012.

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    I also found Bryants and Romos regular base chrome cards that I can add

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    hmm i do want em. just need something better for the wilson .

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    Yeah I know umm lets see I do have a Claiborne Topps Chrome Xfractor in my pc,but I can let it go since I have another one incoming if that would seal the deal

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    i am wanting to get a nicer #'d refractor if possible. do you need anythin else for the xfractors ?

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    That was it,unless you have others not listed. Are you doing the xfractor set?

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    just posted another list of trade stuff. and no just after cowboys stuff

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    I don't really see anything I can use,I only collect refractors and that Wilson was my main interest. Well we tried lol but thanks for your time.

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    I like the hilton base and refractor and the Allen base
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