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    help upperdeck....replacements?

    i just received a card in the mail that i won on ebay. the card was damaged in shipping. the case was cracked and the card bent. i didnt even notice that the envelope was looked like all the other envelopes with cards cards that i receive in the mail. the package was insured....but my question is this---- does anyone know if upperdeck will replace the card if i send it in? im gonna call them on monday to get an answer from them, but i was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this before. any info would be much appreciated.

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    im preatty sure they will NOT replace it, try emailing the seller and try to get a refund thats about all you can do

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    it also depends on the card.... if it is a new card from this year it is possible.. but if they find out it was damaged after an ebay transaction forget it
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    ya,i think the only way they will is if you send in like a pack wrapper or something along with the card to prove that you got it from a pack yourself. dunno, that's just what i think i remember having to do before.

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    It is worth a shot but they don't have to replace it especially since it was a ebay auction. I would contact the ebay seller as well.

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