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    Game Used Crazy

    Well I have just been posting little thoughts and such for the past day or so. I figured I'd post about this topic and see everyone else's view as opposed to mine. I guess I could start at this years Press Pass JE, just for an example. If I'm not mistaken there are either four or five different Jersey Card sets in this years JE. I mean... way back when, if you pulled a Game Used it was the most amazing thing. Heck... way, way back when people pulled inserts, yea inserts, it was a big deal. Now all it seems like is people want the money. So then sports card market is over-run with Game Used, big deal... right? WRONG! Look at it this way... if Game Used cards aren't selling companies products the companies will soon find out what is, which would mainly be Rookies & Auto's, as soon as the card companies take this information in what do you think they'll do? If you guessed, "Over flow the market with RC's & Auto's, and ruin what is left of this great hobby." You're correct! I guess there is 2 ways to look at the hobby. One... you collect because you collect, for whatever reason. I myself collect Amos -n- Avon because they're RB's from WVU, I grew up in WV and want to go to college there. I knwo many collectors who really do appreciate the hobby for what it's fully worth. But then you have the "other" people. Who buy to re-sell and that's it. I'm sure they care for the hobby also, since it's paying their bills. But non-the-less they still have some love for the hobby. I guess the big point I'm trying to get across is that Game Used productions need to be put into check. Otherwise we'll soon have 2005 Fleer Ultra (6 Card Pack; garunteed 5 Game Used!). It's things like SP Game Used that ruin the hobby. A jersey per pack? What's the fun in that? I myself would rather take a box from 1999 or so and just see if I get lucky. Well I guess I'll quit my pathetic rambling as it is about 95 degrees in my house, damn A/C! Let's see what you guys have to say...


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    Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to like just getting inserts and never getting game used. back in 1998 or 1999, I was happy with even getting a cheap insert from score rookie and traded! Since I never got any game used or autos, it was awesome when I got my griffey auto from a pack. nowadays, when you don't get a game used or auto from a pack, you don't feel like it was worth buying, since you can't really trade what you got, since nobody wants to trade for base cards and inserts! I don't know about you, but that really bugs me that most people won't collect anything but game used or autos.
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    It doesn't bug me all that much. As I could trade a GU or Auto I have for a hefty size load of Zereoue/Cobourne... any cards of them.

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    I would have to say that a little game used is good, but there is too much. I personally can't afford to by a new box of cards nowadays, becuase of the gameused card insert ratio. I have to by retail, and even the inserts and parallells aren't there as much, and the price is still high. I think they should cut down on the gameused, sticking to one set per company set, if that makes sense, probably didn't.

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    I agree with you Mountyfan, that card companies will always be looking for what people want. Heck, I wonder if people from the card companies go to these forums to look for market info and look for trends.

    I also agree that it seems like rookies and autos are getting a little more desirable because the market is being flooded with game used and anyone can pick up even a good player for a couple of bucks on ebay or even at shows.

    What I do hope, though is that companies still make their high end product like SP Authentic and Playoff Contenders with very short printed rookies and allow different sets like MVP and Topps base set go with a high insertion of rookies.

    Last year we saw Playoff bring out their Prime Signatures line where you got an auto in every tin, but cost an arm and a leg. And, we have seen UD MVP or Topps or someone advertise 2 rookie cards per PACK. So, I think in a way, the market is shifting to give easily attainable rookies in entry level sets, and they are making autographs easier to come by (albeit expensive). If the companies do it right, there should be little hobby impact. If they do it wrong, who knows if the hobby will soon be taking another downturn by over producing certain types of cards.

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    I just started collecting for fun but hope to sell/trade the cards I don't want somewhat easily. It does seem a lot of threads are for autos/GU's and not for basic inserts, I think they are all cool looking and appreciate any great card, not just the super money cards, and I hope others will feel the same and want to check out what I got.

    Since I am just starting to collect again, I got some UD MVP and collecting is fun again for me, I'm excited, but it will be discouraging if nobody wants any of my cards because they are too cheap or whatever. Hopefully there's a market and demand for all cards.

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    i'm new here so i should say hi to everyone. i can agree with most everything that everyone has said. but to put it plainly aren't we the ones that ask for the gu'd and auto's. when we post we usually post gu'd and auto's. i stopped now if i get an auto i have a friend that takes them and i started collecting all football gu'd. i still think they're cool. i started collecting in `95 and back then pulling an insert still could be something special. hey, we should ask someone to make a forum for just people who isn't interested in just the "premium cards". as for me i started with brett favre but now i look for any greenbay packers stuff that i don't have. if any of you want to trade your packer inserts, commons, rookies i will welcome the trade.

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    Game used have gotten way outta line where you can get a jersey and in every pack. YOu are not far off. I think there are certain boxes that have 5+ game used in them. I know i can find them with time. I do remember 00 sage hit has 6 autos per box. I bought one and got a bennett diamond die cut #/100(traded) but i was very happy to see the variety of different serial numbered autos there were

    NOw its outta hand, i guess there motto is anything for a dollar


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