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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just wanted to pass along a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the SCF Autograph Community. Hope that you all are having a wonderful day. I personally am thankful for all that the members here have done for me in helping build my collection and I hope that I have helped a few of you along the way as well. Remember that the turkey is what is supposed to be stuffed today, but hope that you are all well fed! Gobble up some leftovers for me as well and enjoy some FOOTBALL! You gotta love family days like this! Happy Holidays and may your mailbox be as full as I am!
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    Yup, wanna echo exactly what he said. Have a happy holidays you and yours, and remember if you're drinking tonight to either stay in and relax with family or have a designated driver. Happy Holidays and be safe if you go out shopping tomorrow!
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    Happy thanksgiving to everyone on SCF and their families.
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