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    Daily Call For: Atlanta Falcons!!!! (Many Wants Inside!)


    Example: I have a Julio Jones Auto, Do you have any of my wants? or I have a Julio Jones Auto, but I do not like anything you have

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Hey Everyone,

    I am looking to build on my PC and after having a lot of thought into how I will expand my Falcons PC, I decided to collect all their players; however, I am only looking for Numbered-Relics - Patches - Autos - 1/1's that Are MID-HIGH END RANGE. This will allow me to keep chasing it, and not quickly finish! I decided that building a PC over all Atlanta Falcons would be too much of a Hassle and to much of a waste with the players not in the league anymore. Plus, building a PC with some value just brings in more effort. Again here is what I am looking for:

    I will always have some Paypal ready to spend on Atlanta Falcons Topps Chrome Rookies, Atlanta Falcons Autos, or Patch/Relics for my PC. I have only a certain amount (See Amount Below) right now to spend, so nothing over that limit. I am only looking for Mid-High End Range Items so, no low-end autos. Please post a pic of what you have and your price. I AM NOT BUYING ANYTHING ABOVE OR AT EBAY PRICES!

    Paypal Amount: $0
    Paypal Incoming: $0

    _________________________ ______________

    Atlanta Falcons I Prefer to Trade for!:

    Current Players:

    Michael Turner (Rookie Year or ATL Uni Only!)
    Matt Ryan
    Julio Jones
    Roddy White (Picky On This Guy Except On All Chrome Rookie Refractors!)
    Tony Gonzalez (Rookie Year or ATL Uni Only!)

    Past Players/Legends:
    Deion Sanders (ATL Uni Only!)
    Steve Bartkowski
    Brett Favre (ATL Uni Only!)
    Michael Vick (ATL Uni Only!)
    Matt Schaub (ATL Uni Only!)

    (Also Interested BUT VERY PICKY!)
    Harry Douglas
    Jacquizz Rodgers
    DeAngelo Hall (ATL Uni Only!)
    Michael Jenkins (ATL Uni Only!)
    Jamal Anderson

    The Specific Atlanta Falcons Wants:

    Above Atlanta Falcons Star RC/RC Parallels/Numbered RC (*Mid-High End Range, BC/TC/Topps, or Vintage!*)
    Above Atlanta Falcons Base/Inserts & Numbered Base/Inserts (*Mid-High End or /25 & Below!*)
    Above Atlanta Falcons Autos (*Contenders Rookie Ticket Autos & Mid-High End!*)
    Above Atlanta Falcons Relics (*Mid-High End!*)
    Above Atlanta Falcons Multi-Colored Patches (*3+ Colors Only or 2+ Colors For Pro Bowl!*)
    ANY & ALL Atlanta Falcons Logo Patches (*Reebok/Logo/NFL Shield/Laundry Tag/Etc.*)
    ANY & ALL Atlanta Falcons One of One's (*1/1's*)

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Here is My Personal Trading Rules along with the SCF Rules: PLEASE READ THESE BEFORE POSTING!

    *Important Note: I am not available everyday to ship! I have a specific shipping date each week, so if you have a problem with this, then please let me know! My Shipping dates are every Friday!*

    My Rules Of Trading:
    1) I GO BY PERSONAL VALUE! If I want a card, I will offer what I feel seems right for that card! Please do not rant on this, it is a personal collection!
    2) I Do NOT Trade Down in Value, Unless I am Offered a Really Nice Card and Well into My End or When I Really Need a Card
    3) Read Shipping Note Above!
    4) When Trading, I Trade For Similar Cards Auto/GU for Auto/GU *NOT Your Rookies for My Auto*
    5) When Shipping, I Ship All Cards of Low-End Value IN A PWE! I Safely Package, & This Saves Time & Money (PM me if this is a problem!)
    6) Have Fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BayAreaJavy View Post
    I have a Roddy White 2012 Topps Chrome Camo Refractor.
    Thanks, but not looking for Chrome unless it is Rookie year stuff!

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    Anyone want to trade?!?!?!

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    Anyone want to trade?

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    Bump this up!

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    Bump this up! INCREDIBLE WIN!!!!!

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    Bump this up! Shipping Monday!

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