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Thread: Kaz Matsui 1/1 Fs/ft

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    Kaz Matsui 1/1 Fs/ft

    2005 Fleer Showcase Wave Of Future 1/1 Masterpiece patch.......Please make offers........I mainly collect football, but will consider anything, thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    check my photobucket for possible trade thanks

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    what type of value do you have in mind for it?

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    Not sure of value, I was just trying too see what the offers were, then it would kind of give me a rough value!!! Anybody have a good estimate for trade value on this piece???

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    Tough to say bro. He aint too highly regarded or collected. So it wont be a ton. if you could, just tell me what you like of mine, and we can work something out.

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    still interested check out my photobucket for possible trade thanks

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    WRV, what kind of value would you be willing to trade me for it? I ahve no idea what to ask for it, I don't want to rip anybody off or visa-versa, lmk Thanks

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