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    Getting back into the Hobby !! TRADES NEEDED !!!

    I have been away from trading for awhile but have been buying now I want to trade for things I want.

    I am always looking for anything Marvin Harrison in the GU, MEM, Auto and ANYTHING #/25 and under.
    I also collect Chuck Bednarik, McNabb RC (only need some inserts and higher end ones)Most Eagles and HOF guys. I am also looking at Arian Foster will trade for other sports if you have something I want.

    I am in this for the Hobby, and not to make money, so I will always work in your favor but PLEASE do not insult me trying to trade me 12 $10 cards for a $120 card. I have been trading and in the hobby for over 20 years so please don't waste time giving crappy offers. I want to trade and will always throw in some extra cards if you are a collector of certain teams and players.

    Write me back and we can work a deal !

    Check out my Bucket :

    Think that link works if not some one let me know.

    I know I am back new to this so really only want to deal with established traders to build my "CRED" back up.
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    Hey bud. Love your attitude lol seriously. I am not toally sure if I have any of your direct wants but do hacve some nice stuff. I'm really interested in gettin a Cobb auto and see ya have some. Also like that Prime Quad RG3/Luck etc.. feel free to check me out and lmk if ya like anything
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    hello, well welcome back to the hobby, just wondering if you have anything with keshawn martin, especially topps chrome refractors?
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    Also, still looking for Brett Favre Flight to 420 Chrome cards. Ask me which ones I need if you have some for trade!

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    That Broyles is sick too btw
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    Send me a link I cant see your signature line for your bucket. I am sure I can find something to trade. I am in it for the fun not to hold on to it.

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    The one limited to /5 ??? I love that he is doing better and gaining some momentum.

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    dont know if i have anything that screams your name that you have to have it but i can use these. hope we can get a trade put together
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    hope we can make some trades

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    and yes that certified /5. So nice looking. I know a guy with the Luck. So nice
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    cmb for your Mallett Elite auto lmk thanks.
    Always looking for Devils and Eagles autos you may have!
    Also looking for Kenny Britt autos!
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