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Thread: Ryan Smyth Limited Logos

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    Ryan Smyth Limited Logos

    Hey All;

    Just wanted your opinion on this card. I have never seen it before and I have been following Smyth for quite a few years. Thanks

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    Holy smokes! I guarantee that is the deadliest Ryan Smyth patch you will ever find! Id pick it up, I bet it tops out at 70/80. He doesnt have a ton of patch cards, that I have seen, that look even close to that good. Beauty addition to your Smyth collection IMO.

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    Actually, I don't think I will be bidding on this card unless it can be proven that it is legitimate.

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    You should definitely get that card it's legit! The patch is off the shoulder patch worn on the 06-07 jerseys, here's the full patch for proof. Hope this helps!
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    Kinda seems too good to be true.

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    Eh i dont see the problem here, was it a card of that player that was rarely seen or what?, looks legit to me from what i can see..
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    Ya I agree i haven't seen anything like that for Smyth and would be leary myself.

    Seems like a couple guys really like that card..........

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    Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but this is one of the many buying accounts of the infamous patch faker "Kenny"

    I own 5 copies of this card and seen about 20 on the open market since that stuff was opened, and I can guarantee you that not one of those patches were from the regular jersey. Every single one of them were cut from the now extinct "3rd Jersey"...and as you know that patch was not on that jersey.

    Kenny buys the original bland patch from a show or sometimes on the bay, then cuts out the old patch with a fake, puts in a fancy patch to replace it, then when he lists the card he ensures that he blurs out the serial numbers...he makes the scan unable to be zoomed in, etc.

    This card is a fake folks. Save your money for a real patch card, unless you want to stare at a custom patch card that isn't game-used...and will have no market value once in your hands.
    Just trying to prevent a criminal from profiting off of legitimate take it for what you will.

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    ah the famous kenny... guess he will never get banned from ebay.. always comes back in a way somehow... pathetic.
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    pathetic maybe, but unfortunately a fraudulent genius. This tool has made so much money and cannot be stopped. Authorities need to crack this guy down to his doorstep and put him away for a while

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