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    Let me ask for the groups spin on this

    This is a soical issue. Let's say that you are the father of a 15 year old boy. Or it could have been your brother, cousin, nephew, friend, or whatever. Say he came to you with a handprint on his face. He told you that a girl punched him in the face and the attack was unprovoked. You asked what did he hit her back and he said no. He has a catch 22. Does he hit the girl back and be considered and be considered a punk? Or does he let the girl beat on him and be considered a punk? What do you tell him to do? What would you do if it were you?
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    I have always said and will teach any sons I have to never hit a female...first.

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    I don't think guys are looked at as a punk if they refuse to fight a woman. My take on the situation all depends on exactly what happens. I know it's not always but a lot of guys could probably get away from a girl attacking them or even somewhat restrain her... of course that all depends on the size of the male and female involved. On the other side of the coin I could see a potential scenario where a guy may have to get physical if a girl is continually attacking a guy. If a guy is getting savagely beaten by a female I don;t think I'd have an issue if he had to hit her to get her to stop or to get away.
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    How old and big was the woman? Was his life in danger?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    How old and big was the woman? Was his life in danger?
    For the purpose of this we will say that the guy was average size and the girl was in good shape and real good with the hands.
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    tech him to defend himself, you do not have to strike to defend yourself
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    I've seen mix gender rights that were perfectly fair match ups.

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    Maybe I am the old fashion guy here...but in no way should he ever hit a woman
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    You never hit a girl.

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    no you shouldn't, but that does not mean you cannot defend yourself.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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