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Thread: Any Charger fans out there?

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    Any Charger fans out there?

    Just a die hard Charger fan here anxiously awaiting the F/A/ period to began. Here are my hopes prior to the draft.

    1) resign Matt Wilhelm (will be good if Godfrey decides to hang it up)
    2) Sign a soild veteran o-lineman (Would have liked Hutchison but he is transitioned, maybe Runyan)
    3) resign Ben Leber. Good insurance and depth.
    4) Sign a veteran DB (Ty Law?)
    5) resign Brees. I have always been a Brees fan, he has handled the highs and lows with class and poise. His injury just came at a bad time.

    Draft hopes
    1) That D'Brickshaw Ferguson falls to us:-) Hardly likely though.
    rnd 1) Draft best player available on the O-line
    rnd 2) Safety / corner (if a corner isn't signed in F/A)
    rnd 3) O-line help
    rnd 4) T.E. (possibly rnd 3 if Peele isn't resigned
    Rnd) 5+ best available

    Any thoughts??
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    I'm a big Chargers fan. I grew up in San Diego, now live in New England. I think the #1 priority is the O-line. All your points are good. My inside information is a little off considering all I get is Patriots this and Patriots that. I have some Drew Brees and some Rivers cards as well that I'm looking to unload.

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    Yeah if their O-line gets some more key out cuz LT is gonna be runnin WILD.

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