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    Sweet Triple Patch For Trade!!!

    Got this in the mail today. '03 Hot Prospects Triple Patch of Deuce McAllister/Clinton Portis/Ladainian Tomlinson. The Portis and LT are both 3-Colors and the Deuce is only 1 color. Card is 26/50 which is Deuce and Portis Jersey Number. BV is only $40, but with it being 26/50, I'm wanting a little more for it.

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    Wow, thats a beauty. If you can find something on my list lemme know. Im going to update it pretty soon. Everything in there I have, im pretty sure at least. Im gonna add alot of new later.

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    2005 SPX Spectrum Jason Campbell Auto 8/25

    that's the only thing I saw on your list that I'm interested in. What's the BV on it?

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    Its not for trade, Im sending in for grading this week. Its not even worth trading at its bv right now (either 120 or 150 I think??) as it just continues to decrease. Theres one going for 109 on ebay right now too.

    Ill lyk when my list is fully updated.

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    Adam-Man I don't know exactly. I noticed that when I got it. Maybe it was meant to be Ricky williams and the changed it. I really don't know. lol.

    vikingfan-Let me know as soon as you can.

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    check my list...probably nothing but im really interested.

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    Dillywilly-Didn't see anything.

    sHiNo-Is your Urlacher Auto for trade? That was the only thing I saw that I was interested in right now.

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