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Thread: Lakers vs. Mavericks

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    Lakers vs. Mavericks

    The game is about to start on TNT. Anyone want to place some wagers on this game???:xmas:

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    damn, didn't see this post earlier.

    I'd bet on the Lakers. Think about the following:

    In the past 7 or so years, the Lakers are 40-5. That's right, 40-5.

    This year, with the Lakers wobbling, and the Mavs having the best record in NBA (Spurs will probably get it when season ends) through most of the season........

    the Mavs had a 30-40 point lead in the 2nd half at Staples Center, had a 27-point lead going into start of 4th quarter, AND STILL LOST!!

    Mavs have not won at Lakers Staples Center (or Fabulous Forum, their old home) in the last 17-19 games. That's right, Mavs have lost 17-19 straight road games to Lakers.

    Given all this, it's a no-brainer.

    oh, Mavs also play Lakers once more ---- next Tuesday, at Staples Center.

    My money is on Lakers again.

    As a matter of fact, I am betting Lakers also beat the Kings (not sure when the next game is) before regular season ends.

    AND....they'll finish out the season (7 games left) undefeated.

    I hope, lol

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