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Thread: Opinons on Negotiations

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    Opinons on Negotiations

    Thought id see what everyones opinions were.

    what do YOU tihnk will happen to the season?

    will they cancel, or will they not? and please state a reason instead of just plainly saying "No"

    honestly, with so much negativity, im kinda optimistic. first of all, i think theyre going along with a playbook. I bet the NHL has a date in mind (January sometime) and as that date approaches, they will squeeze as much outta the NHLPA as they possibly can. Second of all, there would be no point in cancelling a season and losing hundreds of millions of dollars over 182 million would there? the only reason why that would happen would because of egos getting in the way, and trying to prove a point. The only negativity, is decertifcation. If the PA decertifies, it will take at least a month or 2 to get it all sorted out, which would lead to probably february..which means the seasons down the drain.....

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    The key word, Ego's! Mainly 2, Bettman and Fehr...they had the opportunity to start these negotiations last summer, when No one would be watching, so they waited til the hockey season so they could be in the lime light...Every freaking day...the new faces of the NHL are now 2 Old block heads in business about the worst marketing strategy in history! We used to have mega stars Ovy and Crosby as the faces of the NHL, but now its the nerds time to try and score a goal for their ego's at any cost...even the NHL itself.
    If it is not ego, than the stupidity is mind boggling...with original 6 team's Hawks and Bruins ending huge droughts, the Ranger's loaded for bear, the Flyer's and Giroux, Crosby back, the Cup going to one of the biggest/famous markets in North America, L.A...the Jets back and sold out for 5 years, the Oiler's totally stacked with young talent, The Winter classic a marque event in itself, HBO inside the game coverage, young, exciting talent everywhere and the game bigger and more profitable than ever, for Everyone....and...
    They stop all that Momentum cold and turn out the lights...Insane!!!

    oh and to answer your question, now that the overall Brand value of the NHL is 25% lower Already!!, and they still won't get it done, I don't think these guys will end this anytime soon as logic has Nothing to do with this!
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    all about egos especially what Fehr has done in the past with baseball.

    Keep in mind that I believe there are still 2 offers on the table. The NHLs offer back from November 8 (forgot which offer that was) and the PA's offer from a week and a half ago..

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