I dont have a certain player/team i collect so please leave either a tradelist or website of some kind.If you dont have either..9 out of 10 times i wont reply back! If we are in trade talks with a card, and i reply back,please dont respond by saying oh i got a better offer..match/beat it..i dont bid on cards on trade sites...i only do that on ebay.DONT WASTE MY TIME AND I WONT WASTE YOURS!!! check my site for other cards i have FT

98 playoff momentum john elway-jersey-blue
02 private stock jerry rice-2 COLOR PATCH!! #ERD 136/201
03 flair ahman green/brain urlacher-sunday showdown-ahman green 5 color PATCH!! #erd20/100
04 playoff hogg heavens-leather quads-QUAD PATCH!!!-steve mcnair/white...eddie george/red from stars???...
jevon kearse/baby blue,white,dark blue....derrick mason/white/dark blue/white/baby blue #erd 17/25
04 Flair jeremy shockey-hot numbers-GU PATCH-3 colors w/ some kinda of lettering!!!! #erd 40/80
04 absoulte memorabilia-emmitt smith/anquan boldin-dual jersey #erd73/125...smith appers to be part of his collar-HTG
05 playoff prestige-QUAD jesery- david carr-dirty white/carson palmer-white with holes/marc bulger-dark blue/arron brooks-soild black #erd212/250

01 UD mvp richard hamilton-GU ball w/logo man on ball!!!(VHTG)
03 fleer patchworks dwyane wade-by the numbers-jersey/black
03 fleer platinum tyshaun prince-name plates-4 color PATCH!!#ERD 51/455
03 ultra richard jefferson leap and bounds 3 color jersey
03 fleer patchworks jason richardson-licensed apparel-3 color patch! #erd14/50
04 fleer authenix emeka okafor-draft day ticket-(actual draft ticket stub)with lots of writting on ticket!!!!!
04 fleer showcase manu ginobili-playmakers-5 color patch w/lots of stiching #erd11/20


Baseball autos

02 select rcs & prospects brent abernathy-autograph
03 spx alejandro machado-rc jersey/auto #erd 100/1224
03 topps eric hinske-autograph
03 bowman brian slocum-autograph
03 donruss champions kip wells-strikeout leaders-autograph #erd32/500-kips jersey #
03 donruss champions jon leicester-rc autograph- #erd 349/480
04 bowman best josh labandeira-rc autograph
04 donruss team heroes daniel cabera-autograph
04 diamond prosigs jason michaels-sign collection-autograph
04 playoff absoulte bonnie blair-fan of the game autograph(vhtg)
04 National pastime-adam evertt-sign of the future-blue autographed-stamped 1/1!!!!!!

Football autos

99 sp players ink akili smith
99 sp sign edition tim brown-auto
02 sage jerry porter-rc autograph #erd 254/650
00 spx travis prentice-rc auto/jesery #erd 1472/2000
01 topps debut anthony thomas #105 rc/auto #erd98/499
01 spx james jackson-rc auto/jesery #erd 350/550
02 playoff prestige justin smith-sophmore signatures-autograph
02 playoff prestige-santana moss-sophmore signatures-autograph
02 sage jeremy shockey RC autograph #erd 215/260-blue ink(lloking for a HOF auto in return)
03 SP signature edition Chad pennington-autograph
03 press pass wayne hunter autograph-copper version
03 topps all american jason thomas-all american autograph
03 standing O andre davis (WR)-standing O signature-autograph
04 diamond prosigs johnnie morant-autograph
04 press pass vince wilfork autograph-blue ink #erd 14/200
04 bowman sean payton-coaching prospects-autograph-cowboys QB coach(vhtg)
04 finite antwaan randle el-autograph
04 UD sweet spot jeff smoker rc/auto/helment-gold version #erd 57/100
04 UD foundations Rashaun woods-signature foundation-autograph(SP)
04 UD foundations Darius watts-signature foundations-autograph
04 UD foundations michael clayton-signature foundations-autograph
04 UD foundations matt schaud-signature foundations-autograph(VHTG)
04 topps deangelo hall-rookie premiere-autograph

Basketball autos

92 classic alonzo mourning-rc autograph #erd 1482/1992 htg
93 classic jamal mashburn rc auto
95 signature rookies jerry stackhouse-draft gemsauto-#erd 172/525
99 skybox haywood workman-autograph (have 3)
99 skybox cory carr-autograph
99 skybox dion glover-autograph(have 2)
99 skybox vladimir stepania-autograph
99 skybox devean george-autograph (have 2)
99 skybox paul grant-autograph
00 sage alonzo moruning autograph #erd 35/80 htg
00 press pass SE mark madesen-autograph
00 bowman best baron davis-rookie locker room autograph
00 fleer baron davis-rc autograph
01 sage hit samuel dalembert-rc autograph
01 sahe hit richard jefferson-rc auto
01 sp authentic kenyon martin-sp signatures-#erd 147/390
02 press pass amare stoudemire-autograph(VHTG)
02 stadium club richard hamilton-lone star signatures-auto #erd370/550
02 spx fred jones-rc auto/jesery-blue #120 #erd ???/1999
02 upper deck generations david thompson-autograph
02 ovation quentin richardson-ovation signatures-auto
02 sage tito maddox-autograph #erd 115/500
02 sage bostjan nachbar-autograph #erd 126/440
02 UD sweet shot dajuan wagner-signature shots-autoed ball
02 spx fred jones rc auto/jesery-blue(want another spx rc auto for this)
02 bowman signature nen hilario rc auto/jesery #erd 544/999
02 bowman signature juan dixon-auto/jesery #erd932/999(vhtg)
03 bowman signature maurice williams auto/jesery #erd 498/100
03 sp authentic kenyon martin-autograph-only by redemtion #54A
04 UD Sweet Spot Pat Riley-signature shots-autograph/ball
04 UD Honor Roll Carmelo Anthony/Andre Miller DUAL AUTOGRAPH #erd 14/15!!!-melo's rc yr(come strong on this one!!)
04 SP Authentic Tony Parker-sp signatures-autograph
04 topps mp3 tony parker-framed autograph-packed pulled
04 topps mp3 luke walton-framed autograph-packed pulled