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Thread: 2 more e-bay turds

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    2 more e-bay turds

    Sold some items back on Nov 25. 5 days to pay after auction...go figure the Nugent-Hopkins goes for a good price and the guy that buys it hasn't payed. Neither of these goombas responded to e-mails/invoices and are still bidding/winning auctions.

    My bad, when I click the link the whole show appears.

    here are their e-bay names. rpoh33 & adumbrate2012

    The guy who won the Nuge wanted regular shipping with no tracking/ flag? Told him as per listing must use it as is stated on the listing, prtects me and his card. Never heard from again. The one who won the Stammer started e-bay last month, winning quite a bit but am more worried for the sellers who have left positive for payment and then may end up getting no card recieved claims (just a vibe from this buyer) as they seem to be buying alot even after not paying for my auction.

    Non-paying claims have been started by me and these goofs will be blocked by myself. Thought I would share for anyone else that may want to. I don't have time for crap like this, if you don't have the money when you bid don't bother bidding. I am not a furniture store with a lay-away plan.
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    This does none of us any good. We cannot see either of the winner's eBay User ID unless you post their names, all we see is the eBay Bid Code ID.

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    My bad, when I click the link the whole show appears.

    here are their e-bay names. rpoh33 & adumbrate2012

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    Yeah nice try wanting to ship untracked, then it would be the regular card not recieved blabla... why do ebay dont do something about theese, they only destroy for others.
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    Little an e-mail from e-bay. adumbrate2012 is no longer a registered user, lasted a whole 3 weeks I think on e-bay. Bought a lot of stuff, glad he didn't pay me and that I ended up giving a non-payer claim. Would have no doubt been a guy who says he never recieved his end and wanted a refund. This "buyer" bought over 30 items and a positive, 0 feedback left to the sellers. Too bad you can't swear on this site as there are quite a few choice words I would toss out for the likes of them types. I think from now on all my e-bay listings will require not just 20 positive feedback but 20 positive feedback left for sellers.

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