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    EBAY Rant- Why No Communication?

    This is just a little pet peeve of mine with people in general. When someone sends you a pm or email or tries to talk to you in whatever fashion, why do a large majority of people just choose to ignore it? For example, after I win an auction I like to know when my stuff is being shipped out and usually I don't need to ask b/c after a day or two, I get notifications saying that my stuff was sent. But when I ask after that and there's still no replies, I start to get a little concerned. Is it really that hard to just simply say when my card is going to be shipped or that it's been shipped already? I understand that a lot of people aren't in front of their computer all the time, but I believe that with the ebay mobile application you can reply to messages there or you can always take the extra work and reply by email.

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    thats why I try to stay away from that site and only use this one. great members here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    thats why I try to stay away from that site and only use this one. great members here
    I totally agree and anyone who choses to behave that way on this site can be conveniently taken care of by the sites ignore list feature.

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    People ignore me here too lol. Heck I ignore people here too when they offer things I don't want. But isn't it common courtesy to tell the person that bought a card when you shipped it if he/she asks you? On a related note I have also noticed on this site that some members with lots of feedback and with other credentials treat me with no respect at all and make up things in order to make things go their way. This hasn't happened often, but on the couple of instances that it did, it wasn't pleasant at all. One of them even said I had a must send first tag lol.

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    There's a shipped button on ebay for that and they get that info, why ask?

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    Where is this shipped button? All I get is the shipped column in the My Ebay section.

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    whe you put your cursor over the shipped box, you should see a date, no?

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    Ya, but when the seller doesn't ship for a couple of days I start to get anxious. The date actually shows up on the purchase history page I think. Is it that hard to just tell the buyer when you're shipping? You would think that would be common sense but I guess not.

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    My peeve is when the give you a delivery confirmation number even before they have shipped your item..I just bought a card for my PC and have the D/C number but according to the P.O. the item still has not been received by them

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    I had that happen to me a couple of times as well and didn't really understand how that was possible, but in all instances I got my cards in less than 2 weeks so it didn't matter to me.

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