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    Is this Kobe Bryant Patch card real?

    I bought this on Ebay. Not sure if it's real though. I know i was stupid to buy it without asking first, but I'm a new card collector and was just eager to get a Kobe patch. Should i leave bad feedback?

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    i would say your good to go on that patch!!...

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    I would agree that it looks real. What makes you think it might not be?

    And no, I would not leave bad feedback.

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    I'm thinking it's not authentic because i got it pretty cheap, and I was looking around the internet and some people said it should say "Prime" on the card. Another reason is that i read that its numbered high.

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    The Primes are numbered out of 10. How much is "pretty cheap"?
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    They probably just listed it as a patch, even though its not. Some people think that is a patch when (IMO) a patch is more than one color.
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    20.00 is not cheap at all, you can get it as low as 5.00-10.00 on forum. It's an authentic jersey card, not really a patch.

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    The classics prime/patch cards are numbered 10-25 and say "prime" on the right side of the card that runs vertical. I have a few in my bucket in my pc. U just got the gu version of the card and paid way to much for it

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