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    Stupid question about 2012 wwe topps

    i haven't been on here much lately so i might be behind on the news but has anyone actually seen a triple h autograph from the 2012 wwe topps set? i've been watching ebay and some of my other favorite sites and i haven't seen on pop up yet.

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    i don't think so either. how can they put the odds on the pack and not produce the card? that really steams me. that was one of the selling points to that set. in my opinion there is a big difference between hyping up that one is out there and putting odds on the pack.

    if there isn't one then topps is a bunch of jerks!

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    Since there were only a few made supposedly for the set it could be a while until we actually see one live.
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    Yea I'm gonna chalk it up as a myth. I've been looking just to see what they look like.

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