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Thread: NFL Schedules out.

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    NFL Schedules out.

    The Broncos have to play the Bengals the 1st week. That is going to be rough! ;)

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    Eagles vs Bucs first MNF game should be a good one, even though I hate both teams.

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    Do the Broncos play in Chicago at all? Diehard Bronco fan here, Cant stand..... Da Bears....

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    I think they play the Bears in the preseason in Chamagne or whatever the hell it is.

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    Bucs vs Eagles --- that's as good a MNF opener as I can remember.

    whoa! boy did the schedule makers do good on that one!!!

    can't wait

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    Maybe none of yall really know, but since I go to Pitt, there's a ton of Eagles fans around here. Wasn't the Bucs vs Eagles rivalry supposed to be over last NFC Championship?

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