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Thread: Sell me your Finest!!!!!

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    Sell me your Finest!!!!!

    Well I couldnt find a single I liked so I'm looking for Finest stuff. unless its /50 or less I only want RC stuff. WOuld love to see some nice RC's, autos, patch autos, etc.

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    i wouldnt need the vincent brown but i like the rest and I also like the hillman platinum patch auto

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    I can do $80 for these:

    Hunter 9.5
    Hillman Atomic Auto
    Hillman Finest auto jsy
    Hillman Finest patch auto
    Hillman Platinum RPA

    Without the Atomic $35 for the rest listed.

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    What is the atomic #ed to? I'll take all but it for $35
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    The Atomic is /25. I only have the Hunter 9.5, And two finest Hillmans left. Can do $30 for the 3, think I paid $27 for Hunter alone. LMK


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