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Thread: Bloodlines 3 Case Break

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    Bloodlines 3 Case Break

    Scanning now and i will upload every bunch of scans. There is alot. Frizzzlecake PM me when you see this I got 2 different Cruz ruby relics
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    Nice stuff so far wish they would of given u bigger names on the rubys but im interested in the machida vs shogun dual relic

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    yeah tell me about it. I love getting Jim miller and robbie Lawler lol

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    my girlfriend sorted all the base and with my 3 cases and Garthug opened a case we didnt make a base set. crazy

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    hey my buddie wants a price on ur jobe 1/1 if it is forsell

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    yeah it is. Looking for $100. I got about that for all of the base 1/1s ive pulled

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    Looks like you got some nice stuff, interested in that Sonnen/Hendo relic if you're looking to sell it :)... and any other Chael's you hit. Having issues loading photobucket lol

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