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    Vick RC

    Just for your information. I have this vick Rc(yes it is for sale or trade), but I want to ask anyone else who may have one if they intend to grade it, please post what yours graded at. So far there have been 12 graded and 6 graded an 8 and 6 graded a 9. there has been nothing higher than a BGS9.

    Michael Vick RC-2001 Fleer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere jerseys) Graded BGS 9 (reg. RC non-graded is $50…Graded Mint 9(only 6 graded 9, none better= $70-100?)

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    I got tons of Vick rookies, none are graded though. I plan on getting my Playoff Honors Rookie Quad Jersey/Ball card (#'d 7/25, yes, Vicks number) by BGS. I just haven't had the time lately, maybe tomorrow. It isn't even listed in Beckett because it's so rare, I don't understand though since other cards number to 25 are in the Beckett. It should be over $600

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