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    Chrome base Luck for a refractor need?

    Just pulled it, looking for a refractor need for my rainbows. Heres my complete list of rainbows from 2011 & 2012, and what I need: (base means base refractor, not base card )

    Eli Manning- 2012 chrome ( need refractor, x, blue, sepia, gold, red)
    Andy dalton- 2011 Chrome (need everything but orange and refractor, including SP variation and all autos) 2012 (need x, pink, black, blue, prism, sepia, gold, red)
    AJ Green- 2011 Chrome (need SP variation, xfractor, purple, black, blue, crystal, sepia, gold, red, all autos) 2012 Chrome (need everything but x and orange)
    Torrey Smith 2011 Chrome (need blue, crystal, sepia, gold, red, need all autos except base auto), 2012 chrome (need refractor, x, sepia, red)
    Julio Jones 2011 chrome (need everything including SP variation and all autos) 2012 Chrome (need xfractor, camo, pink, blue, prism, sepia, gold, red)
    Von Miller- 2011 chrome (need SP variation, purple, and crystal, sepia, gold, red, all auto variations except base), 2011 Platinum (need gold and red), 2011 Finest (need all but blue /99) 2012 chrome (need gold, red)
    Peyton Manning 2012 Finest (need everything) 2012 chrome (need all #D but pink and prism)
    Derek Wolfe- 2012 chrome (need all #d but Prism)
    Brock Osweiler- 2012 Chrome (need all but refractor, x, purple, and pink)
    Ronnie Hillman 2012 chrome (need all #d)
    Andre Johnson- 2012 chrome (need all but x and prism)
    Jake Locker- 2011 Chrome - (need all but orange) 2012 Chrome (need all but orange, purple, pink)
    Trent Richardson- 2012 Chrome (need SP variation, orange, camo, prism, blue, sepia, gold, red)
    RGIII ( need SP variation, all numbered)
    Brandon Weeden (Need SP variation, purple, camo, pink, black, blue, sepia, gold, red)
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    I have Torrey Smith Sepia from 2012 Chrome and Ronnie Hillman Xfractors. Got to go hunting for what else I may have.

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    I have a few things

    weeden xfractor
    ronnie hillman xfractor
    julio jones 12 chrome orange ref
    julio jones 12 chrome black ref
    torrey smith 12 chrome base
    torrey smith 12 chrome gold ref
    aj green 12 chrome xfractor
    eli manning 12 chrome base
    eli mannig 12 chrome prism

    i of course like anything of luck or any color 12 chrome


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