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Thread: $100 Lot W/ Option For More!

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    $100 Lot W/ Option For More!

    To clarify how this works: I am offering this 5 card lot for $100. I am adding value and making the deal better with additional add on options. I am also willing to sell singles at the listed DLVD prices per single. If you want more than one single, deduct $1.50 per additional card to reflect combined shipping! This should make perfect sense, but if there is confusion feel free to ask or pm me.

    SOLD LIST: Powell /25 $40[/B]- Mdskyhawks

    Single prices:

    R.Wilson #1/15 $60
    V. Brown NT RPA /99 $35
    [B]Hillman Letter /210 $15
    Hillman Field /210 $12
    Hillman Tickets $8

    Lot price is $100

    These added to $100 Lot price= $115
    Individual prices:
    Hillman ref /178 $15
    Alshon $15

    Added to lot with everything above $137.50
    A.J. Green Finest refractor rc /50 $30

    Take this with everything above for $200 DLVD
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    Bump, lot changed and more value added for larger purchase.

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