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Thread: New cards for trade!

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    New cards for trade!

    Below is a list of cards i currently have for trade with me, most of these cards arent in my bucket as i just recieved them after getting to Ontario so the list will have to do until i get pictures done.

    My wants

    11-12 Black Diamond Dual jerseys

    11-12 Upper Deck Young Guns

    Galiardi haves and needs!

    Also looking for these for a friend..
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ice Immortals #15 Mike Modano /25
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ice Immortals #23 David Legwand /25
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ice Immortals #33 Steve Shields /25
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ice Immortals #59 Colin White /25

    Also willing to trade for nice trade bait if there's something you like of mine


    Section 1: Young Guns FT
    Section 2: Rookies FT (Non Auto/GU)
    Section 3: Inserts FT
    Section 4: Base Parallels
    Section 5: Autos (Jersey, rookie, patch etc..)
    Section 6: Game used jersey cards FT (No prime or Patch)
    Section 7: Game used Prime/Patch/ Seam cards

    Searching for a specific player or set? Hit CTRL+F on your keyboard and type in the player/set you're looking for


    Young Guns FT


    201 Bogosian
    214 Ritola
    215 Sestito
    231 Lee
    239 Filewich
    249 Brown
    461 Jensen
    498 Sloan


    237 Ferriero
    244 Rechlicz
    460 Larsson
    464 Salak
    477 Thuresson
    482 Sanguinetti
    484 Bartulis
    485 Laliberte
    494 Grabner


    202 Bonino X2
    204 Kulda
    207 Penner
    208 Bodnarchuk
    208 Bodnarchuk FRENCH RED /25
    217 Yip X2
    218 Larsen
    221 Plante
    222 Dadonov
    224 Clifford
    226 Almond X2
    229 Falk
    230 Noreau X2
    234 Lindback
    239 Cowen
    240 Bobrovsky
    247 Kadri
    481 Magnan-Grenier


    201 Smith-Pelly
    215 Lander
    246 Sauve
    453 Tropp


    Rookies (Non auto/jsy/patch cards)


    Victory 204 Horton
    Victory 206 Tootoo
    Victory 207 Pitkanen


    MVP 414 Getzlaf


    Fleer Ultra 4 Welch
    Fleer Ultra 36 Pouliot
    Fleer Ultra 50 Fehr

    Victory 210 Welch
    Victory 221 Stuart
    Victory 223 Immonen
    Victory 228 Marjamaki


    Fleer Ultra 238 Cote
    Fleer Ultra 244 Stephenson

    MVP 331 Piskula

    O-Pee-Chee 522 Parenteau
    O-Pee-Chee 592 Campbell

    Victory 203 Girardi
    Victory 208 Bickell
    Victory 231 Finger
    Victory 300 Elliot
    Victory 319 Kaspar
    Victory 345 Koistinen


    Fleer Ultra 202 Fistric
    Fleer Ultra 207 Zubov
    Fleer Ultra 208 Mason
    Fleer Ultra 210 Matthias X1 GOLD MEDALLION X1
    Fleer Ultra 211 Stone
    Fleer Ultra 215 Gragnani
    Fleer Ultra 219 Lee X2
    Fleer Ultra 220 Peckham
    Fleer Ultra 221 Pineault X2
    Fleer Ultra 222 Valabik
    Fleer Ultra 236 Greentree GOLD MEDALLION
    Fleer Ultra 240 Cavanaugh GOLD MEDALLION X2
    Fleer Ultra 244 Mole
    Fleer Ultra 248 Minard GOLD MEDALLION2
    Fleer Ultra 255 Sutter

    MVP 301 Plante X2
    MVP 304 Ramholt
    MVP 305 Conboy
    MVP 306 Peckham
    MVP 313 Bogosian
    MVP 317 Iggulden
    MVP 325 Okposo
    MVP 328 Abdelkader X2
    MVP 329 LaVallee
    MVP 332 Filewich
    MVP 334 Jensen
    MVP 336 Hillen x2
    MVP 337 Zubov
    MVP 340 Brassard
    MVP 341 Brine X3
    MVP 342 Boyce X2
    MVP 361 Pineault
    MVP 362 Pardy
    MVP 365 Frolik
    MVP 368 Simmonds
    MVP 370 Gillies
    MVP 371 Jones
    MVP 372 Hornqvist
    MVP 373 Salmela
    MVP 375 Ross X2
    MVP 379 Oshie
    MVP 382 Mihalik
    MVP 389 Tikhonov
    MVP 391 Bissonnette
    MVP 392 Fitzgerald

    O-Pee-Chee 501 Lepisto
    O-Pee-Chee 511 Stone
    O-Pee-Chee 517 Zubov
    O-Pee-Chee 522 LaVallee
    O-Pee-Chee 523 D'Agostini
    O-Pee-Chee 524 Locke
    O-Pee-Chee 528 Ersberg
    O-Pee-Chee 530 Brine
    O-Pee-Chee 533 Sestito
    O-Pee-Chee 535 Ericsson
    O-Pee-Chee 541 Brassard
    O-Pee-Chee 542 Mason
    O-Pee-Chee 546 Wilson
    O-Pee-Chee 547 McLeod
    O-Pee-Chee 552 Mormina
    O-Pee-Chee 554 Ramholt
    O-Pee-Chee 557 Valabik
    O-Pee-Chee 559 Doell
    O-Pee-Chee 560 Ebbett

    Victory 340 Pietrangelo


    Artifacts 182 Joensuu /75

    MVP 316 Vishnevsky
    MVP 331 Petruzlek
    MVP 344 MacKenzie
    MVP 362 Lehman
    MVP 373 Benn

    Victory 201 Durno
    Victory 239 Rechlicz
    Victory 301 Kane
    Victory 303 Myers
    Victory 307 Wilson
    Victory 310 Gagnon
    Victory 313 Kindl
    Victory 315 Wilson
    Victory 315 Wilson GOLD
    Victory 316 Franson
    Victory 328 Zalewski
    Victory 329 Couture
    Victory 331 Hedman
    Victory 331 Hedman GOLD
    Victory 332 Staberg
    Victory 334 Gustavsson


    Black Diamond 157 Kulda
    Black Diamond 180 McBain

    Score 501 Kadri
    Score 505 Palmieri
    Score 510 Thiessen
    Score 513 Kana
    Score 518 Zaba
    Score 522 Almond
    Score 523 Bonino
    Score 529 Bodnarchuk
    Score 532 Hutton
    Score 537 Penner
    Score 540 Wyman
    Score 541 Trottier
    Score 545 Pitton
    Score 546 McCarthy

    SPX Finite F13 Fowler

    The Cup rookie Gold 112 Bodnarchuk /25

    Victory 204 Hamill
    Victory 205 McQuaid
    Victory 207 McBain
    Victory 208 Samson
    Victory 215 Sawada
    Victory 219 Plante
    Victory 220 Dadonov
    Victory 224 Falk
    Victory 226 Stoner
    Victory 233 Kohn
    Victory 239 Daugavins
    Victory 242 Johnson
    Victory 246 Tokarski
    Victory 250 Wilson
    Victory 303 Cole
    Victory 306 Wellwood
    Victory 318 Stepan
    Victory 322 Muzzin GOLD


    Score 560 Gardiner SP




    Victory Freshman Flashback FF46 Jagr


    Upper Deck Stars in the Making SM2 Ovechkin


    Fleer Ultra Speed Machines SM12 Datsyuk
    Fleer Ultra Speed Machines SM16 Kariya

    MVP Clutch Performers CP13 St.Louis
    MVP International Icons 118 Niklas Lidstrom

    Powerplay prospects 105 Kopecky

    Victory Stars on Ice S114 Cheechoo
    Victory Stars on IceS127 Hossa


    Fleer Ultra Ultra Action UA6 Iginla
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK3 Iginla
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK5 Spezza

    MVP Hart Candidates HV3 Brodeur


    Collector's Choice Stick-Ums UMS26 Nash

    Fleer Ultra Difference Makers DM1 Brodeur
    Fleer Ultra Difference Makers DM10 St.Louis
    Fleer Ultra Difference Makers DM11 Crosby
    Fleer Ultra Difference Makers DM12 Kane
    Fleer Ultra Difference Makers DM15 Forsberg
    Fleer Ultra Difference Makers DM20 Sundin X2
    Fleer Ultra Total D TD10 Toskala
    Fleer Ultra Total D TD12 Vokoun
    Fleer Ultra Total D TD19 Nabokov
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK4 Iginla X2
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK5 Sakic
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK6 Jagr
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK14 Gaborik
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK16 Modano
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK17 Shanahan
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK18 Heatley
    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK19 Forsberg
    Fleer Ultra Franchise Player FP1 Iginla
    Fleer Ultra Franchise Player FP3 Luongo
    Fleer Ultra Franchise Player FP4 Kane
    Fleer Ultra Franchise Player FP6 Brodeur
    Fleer Ultra Franchise Player FP9 Lecavalier
    Fleer Ultra Season Crowns SC6 X3
    Fleer Ultra Season Crowns SC8 Datsyuk

    MVP Marked By Valor MV1 Brodeur
    MVP Marked By Valor MV4 Ward
    MVP Marked By Valor MV6 Ovechkin X2
    MVP Marked By Valor MV8 Lidstrom
    MVP Marked By Valor MV11 Fedorov
    MVP Marked By Valor MV12 Forsberg
    MVP Marked By Valor MV13 Nash
    MVP Marked By Valor MV15 Staal
    MVP Alexander the GR8 AO1 X2
    MVP Alexander the GR8 AO3
    MVP Alexander the GR8 AO5 X2
    MVP Alexander the GR8 AO6
    MVP Alexander the GR8 AO7

    Upper Deck All World Team AWT8 Modano
    Upper Deck Hat Trick Heroes HT4 Sakic
    Upper Deck Hockey Heroes Sidney Crosby HH8 X2
    Upper Deck Sophomore Sensations SS6
    Upper Deck Super Skills SS4 Thornton
    Upper Deck Super Skills SS5 Iginla
    Upper Deck Super Skills SS14 Richards


    Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings SK9 Kovalchuk

    MVP Winter Classic WC1 Carter
    MVP Winter Classic WC17 Recchi
    MVP Winter Classic WC20 Ceremonial Puck drop

    Upper Deck Season Highlights SH2 Brodeur
    Upper Deck Rookie Debut RD2 Van Riemsdyk
    Upper Deck Rookie Debut RD4 Duchene
    Upper Deck Captain's Calling CC1 Crosby
    Upper Deck Playoff Performers PP5 Iginla
    Upper Deck Ambassadors of the game AG38 Datsyuk
    Upper Deck All World Team AW5 Green
    Upper Deck Draft Day Gems GEM18 Hejduk
    Upper Deck Draft Day Gems GEM16 Recchi
    Upper Deck Draft Day Gems GEM19 Huet
    Upper Deck Draft Day Gems GEM25 Lidstrom
    Upper Deck Draft Day Gems GEM30 Streit
    Upper Deck Hockey Heroes HH11 Brodeur
    Upper Deck Hockey Heroes HH22 Messier


    Donruss The Goalies 6 Miller

    Score Playoff Heroes 13 Samuelsson
    Score Playoff Heroes 24 Kane

    Upper Deck All World Team AW-4 Parise
    Upper Deck All World Team AW-11 Heatley
    Upper Deck All World Team AW-16 Thornton
    Upper Deck All World Team AW-17 Carter
    Upper Deck All World Team AW-23 Doughty
    Upper Deck Netminders N23 Ward
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA2 Kane
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA3 Phaneuf
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA4 Iginla
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA6 Lucic
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA7 Tavares
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA8 Staal
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA9 Backstrom
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA10 Streit
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA11 Hardin
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA13 H.Sedin
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA14 D.Sedin
    Upper Deck EA Superstars EA14 Stortini
    Upper Deck Hockey Heroes HH15 Orr
    Upper Deck Ambassadors of the Game AG-24 Orr




    Victory Mr.Hockeys Greats 416 Kovalev GOLD


    Fleer Ultra 74 Crosby GOLD MEDALLION

    O-Pee-Chee Legend 562 Hawerchuk
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 563 Hull
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 564 Brodeur
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 569 Stastny
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 570 Lemieux
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 574 Parent
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 580 Beliveau
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 590 Roy
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 593 Esposito
    O-Pee-Chee Legend 597 Bourque


    Fleer Ultra 51 Turco GOLD MEDALLION

    Victory 278 Rinne GOLD


    Black Diamond 133 Tavares <><><>
    Black Diamond 138 Datsyuk <><><>

    Score 146 Galiardi FRENCH


    Certified 55 Getzlaf Gold /25


    O-Pee-Chee 426 Matt Beleskey BLACK /100


    Autographed Cards (Jsy, patch, etc.. included)

    97-98 Pinnacle Be a Player 72 Marchant

    00-01 huskies autograph 7 Max Talbot /100

    06-07 Sweet Shot Signature Shots SS-BO Bouchard

    09-10 Artifacts AF-MI Mike Iggulden

    10-11 Certified Freshamn Signatures 171 Bonino /1299
    10-11 Pinnacle Ice Breakers RC auto 256 Muzzin
    10-11 The Cup rookie printing plate black CUP-112 Bodnarchuk 1/1

    11-12 Artifacts jersey auto 56 Weiss /10
    11-12 Score Rookies & Traded 612 RC Calvert auto


    Jersey Cards (No prime or patch included)

    05-06 Upper Deck Game Jersey J-SC Chistov
    05-06 Upper Deck Game Jersey J-JG Giguere
    05-06 Upper Deck Game Jersey J2-SV Samsonov
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Threads RT-RG Getzlaf
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Threads RT-MT Talbot

    06-07 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics AF-ZC Chara
    06-07 Power Play the Specialists S-SN Niedermayer
    06-07 Upper Deck Game Jersey J-SS Samsonov
    06-07 Upper Deck Game Jersey J-KP Primeau

    07-08 Hot Prospects Hot materials HM-SB Bernier
    07-08 Ice Frozen Fabrics FF-BB Boyes /100
    07-08 SPX Winning Materials WM-TS Selanne

    08-09 BLACK DIAMOND quadJersey gold /25 ovechkin +small window creases'
    08-09 Ultra Uniformity UA-JU Jokinen
    08-09 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics dual AF-IK Kovalchuk
    08-09 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Duos AF2-RB Bouchard/Koivu /100
    08-09 MVP 2 on 2 Jerseys J2-SHVS Spezza/Heatley/Vanek/Stafford
    08-09 MVP 2 on 2 Jerseys J2-SMRG Getzlaf/Selanne/Ribeiro/Modano
    08-09 Trilogy two way threads 2W-RG Getzlaf/Getzlaf
    08-09 Upper Deck Game Jersey GJ2-SV Svatos

    09-10 Be a Player Rookie Jersey Franson /250 *Creased*
    09-10 Ice Frozen Fabrics FR-RG Getzlaf
    09-10 Ultra Uniformity UU-JG Giguere
    09-10 Upper Deck Game Jersey GJ2-MK Komisarek

    10-11 Artifacts Treasured Swatches TS-RG Getzlaf /150
    10-11 artifacts tundra tandems /75ovechkin /backstrom
    10-11 Certified Fabric Of the Game RG Getzlaf /499
    10-11 Pinnacle Threads JS Spezza /499
    10-11 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics AF-RG Getzlaf
    10-11 Luxury Suite 1 Getzlaf /599
    10-11 Upper Deck Game Jersey GJ-NH Horton
    10-11 Upper Deck Game Jersey GJ-BR Brassard
    10-11 Zenith gifted grinders 12 Getzlaf /299

    11-12 All Goalies stopper sweaters 15 Raycroft
    11-12 Certified Fabric of the Game 4 Fowler /399
    11-12 certified fabric of the game Alexovechkin '32 GOALS' /25
    11-12 Certified mirror red dual materials 55 Getzlaf /150
    11-12 Elite materials 41 Getzlaf
    11-12 Titanium Game Worn Gear 42 Bonino
    11-12 Titanium Game Worn Gear 28 Kessel
    11-12 Upper Deck Game Jersey GJ-BM Morrisson
    11-12 Upper Deck Game Jersey GJ-RG Getzlaf
    11-12 Limited jumbo jersey 27 Getzlaf


    Patch, Prime, seam Jersey cards

    07-08 OPC Premier quad remnants PR-AS Steen /35

    10-11 Pinnacle city lights prime 7 Penner /25
    10-11 The Cup foundations CF-MP Paajarvi PATCH /10 (*Bottom right corner isn't 100%*)

    11-12 Artifacts horizontal jersey/patch emerald 56 Weiss /35
    11-12 Between the Pipes Redemption Game used Jersey BTPR-10 Backstrom /10
    11-12 Pinnacle threads patch 16 Getzlaf /25
    11-12 Titanium Game worn gear Prime 28 Kessel /50 (*strange indent on card very hard to see*)
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    11-12 Between the Pipes Redemption Game used Jersey BTPR-10 Backstrom /10
    11-12 Pinnacle threads patch 16 Getzlaf /25

    Check my bucket for those!

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