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    2 complete sets 05 U.D. Foundations FT/FS

    I have 2 complete sets 2005 U.D. Foundations #'s 1-100 which does not include rookies. Also have a few stray dupes of various players. I am not looking for a lot out of them, just want to free up some space, also please check my TRADELIST as it is updated as well. Looking for stuff from my sig or I will listen to ANY OFFERS!!!! Thanks

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    eastslastheart-no sorry I don't think that I do if he is a rookie

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    anyone else wanna take a set off my hands?

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    9nick0-I am looking to trade, I would gladly trade you a set(1-100), also just got an Urlacher GU and could dig up a few #'ed Bears cards if interested

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    one last try to move these sets, PLZ help!!!! LOL

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