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    Anyone Want Any Of These Pics Inclued

    Does Anyone Want To Trade Me Out Of These??? Im Looking For Similiar Value Cards That Catch My Eye. Lmk

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    what do you want for the harris? i just added some higher end stuff recently to my trade list.

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    Nothing I Can Use Man. Looking For 1 $100 Card In Return For It. Thanks

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    what about a montana/rice dual gu? that books $100. just got in an elway jsy and a caddy/ronnie brown/jj arrington jsy /25.
    i've been after a harris for a while, that's why i keep asking about it.
    any idea of what you are looking for?

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    If I Was To Even Entertain The Thought Of Trading A Hof Auto For Gu Id Need The Trade To Be Way In My Favor. If Your Willing To Do That Let Me Know. If Not Then I Understand

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    Check out my photobucket link in my profile and let me know on the dual brady.

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    depends what you want. i would definitely trade in your favor if i'm trading jerseys for the franco.
    the triple is from throwback threads and books for $40.

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    Blackhawks-these Are What I Like

    Roethlisberger Auto/50
    Moats Rc Patch-auto/5
    Both Ruth Gu (what Is The Bv On Them Please)
    Pujols Patch/5

    What Value Are U Putting On The Moats & Pujols By The Way??

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