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Thread: A Few New Wants

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    A Few New Wants

    i am looking for these cards:
    05 bowman chrome draft troy tulowitzki
    05 bowman heritage mahonogy brandon webb
    05 bazooka chad tracy
    05 topps chrome jeff francis
    05 topps chrome brad halsey
    05 topps total brad halsey w/ mike gosling
    05 ud first pitch brad halsey

    i am looking to trade or buy, thanks

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    somebody needs to have at least one of these. please try to help out

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    check the sig, its not my sight, however, if u do decide to sign up, then pls use me as a refferal, i get %4 so pols use me, ty_____________

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    I got a 2004 Flair Hot Numbers Brandon Webb Game Used Jersey Card #d 171/175
    ft. Im interested in ur 05 bowman heritage ichiro pieces of greatness jersey lmk if you wanna trade it.

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    soxrox-your site dosent work for me, i did a search for brandon webb and the site froze
    jetsfan-sorry but i already have that card

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