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Thread: One Hit Wonders: The Rookies

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    One Hit Wonders: The Rookies

    From the Blast from the Past Top 10 posting:
    Quote Originally Posted by Frendo View Post

    Imagine if Joe Juneau had his rookie campaign at 10-11 or 09-10 and his RC, ARP's etc card would be selling for $3000-$8000 and up but only to decline tremendously in value after some seasons because he couldn't following his stunning 102-point season as a rookie in the rest of his career.
    Got me thinking, who would appear on a Top Ten list of players who had huge rookies seasons then immediately disappeared. Not a slow fade but a precipitous drop from rookie season magic to sophomore mediocrity followed by and average (or below average) career.

    Joe Juneau is a great example: 102 point rookie season. 2nd year not so bad, then he dropped off the radar and became a journeyman. In addition to Juneau, I would add Andrew Raycroft: 03/04 Calder Trophy Winner but never returned to form after the lockout. Now playing in Italy.

    Who would you add to the list of players who went from Superstar Rookie to common player with less than stellar careers?
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    Jim Carey, Steve Mason, Brian Berard, Eric Vail, Just to name a few!!!

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    Alex Ovechkin


    Steve Mason in recent times and Filatov to a lesser extent. Hmm both with Columbus... Oh and oh hey Derick Brassard

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    Justin Pogge and Jiri Tlusty both got Cup RCs /99. Think about that one.
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    Gilbert Dionne's 91/92 UD RC's were up around $5 to could he miss? Marcel's lil brother, playing for the Habs. HOW COULD HE MISS???? He found a way.
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    Jose Theodore's UD rookie booked at $30 at one point...

    Alexandre Daigle and Pat Falloon both had huge hype and respectable rookie seasons... And we all know how they ended up.
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    Gilbert Brule. Huge hype, didn't even live up to journeyman status. People were paying $125.00 for his Young Gun card, and substantially more for others.

    Petr Nedved. Never really had the nous to make in the NHL, and didn't have any expensive cards, but I don't know when I've seen a better wrist shot on anyone, and that includes, Hull, Bossy, Sakic, MacLeish, Lemaire, Kharlamov, Kovalev, etc.

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    Damn you Richard for saying pogge lol that was gonna be my answer lol. It's funny because about 3 days ago we were talking about him and where he is now

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    Justin Pogge and Jiri Tlusty both got Cup RCs /99. Think about that one.

    will have to let that slide, because well, they are both leafs Rich ;)

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    Patrik Stephan. Former #1 overall pick is now a greeter at wal-mart lol

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