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Thread: 2 box 05-06 UD break

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    2 box 05-06 UD break

    This sucks bad as far as I am concerned. All jsy's up for trade
    Game Jersey-
    Bruce Bowen
    Sam Cassell
    UD Materials-
    Chris Andersen
    Steve Francis
    UD A.S.Authentics-
    Ben Gordon
    Chris Bosh
    Performance Clause-
    Channing Frye-rebounds
    Raymond Felton- assists
    Josh Smith /100
    Damon Jones /100
    Eddy Curry /50
    Rookie Dbls:

    Plenty of base dbls as well.

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    That doesn't look that good, sorry bro.

    What are the Performance Clause cards of Frye?
    Also might be interested in the

    UD A.S.Authentics-
    Ben Gordon
    Chris Bosh

    Also do you have any Knicks or Pistons base doubles?

    I have some base cards from the following sets:
    - UD Rookie Debut 05-06
    - UD Reflection 05-06
    - Topps Chrom 04-05
    - Topps Finest 04-05

    LMK if you want to trade with teams and players

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    I am going through the base cards for my sets now, the Frye is 10 rebounds....not sure if he got it yet, don't think so. As for the base Knicks and Pistons, I can get back to you after I get finished sorting them out. And the Gordon/Bosh, I think maybe we can trade for them.

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    I looked at your stuff and the only thing I could come up with was the Reflections Childress/Odom auto. If you are interested in trading for that then get back to me.

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    I'll trade it but I'll be looking for autos in return

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    Raymond Felton- assists I need this
    The Ben gorndon GU
    and the bosh

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    Pistons Fan: Well then we have no deal, since I didnt find anything else I could use.
    wildcatfan:I will look and get back to you.

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    wildcat:Dwyane Wade Upperdeck Rookie Exclusives Jersey Card BV- $30
    only thing i can use, lmk

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