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    Putting these Up on the Trade Block

    Hey All!!!!! I would Be Looking for Newer Peyton Manning Gu or Auto's for these cards... Here is the Cards:

    05 Topps Pristine Uncommon Base GU Jsy Ser#30/45 #113 Cadillac Williams

    05 UD "Rookie Future Jerseys" GU Jsy #RF-CW Cadillac Williams

    LMK if Interested and What Ya Have........

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!

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    Whats the BV? Interested check My cards for it, have Peytons in there.

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    Hey John, only newer Colt I have is an 05 R&S Reggie Wayne Jsy /150. It's only $10 though. Check my site and see if there's anything on there you like.

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    check my site and trade list for the caddy. have a bunch of peyton rc's.

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    Hey All!!!!!

    Didn't Really See Anything I Could Use from Ya... I'm REALLY Wanting Newer GU of Peyton Manning....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey!!!! LMK what ya have.. I Didn't See Any in Your Photobucket or on Your Tradelist.....


    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey!!!! I Like that Ftball Auto card.. That's NICE!!!

    LMK about this 1:

    Leaf Limited Player Threads Ser# 12/50 Peyton Manning

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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