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    There are about 4-5 cards that I like from your bucket. First, and I only throw this out there because you posted that it would be hard for you to let him go while in the playoffs, is the Luck card. Sanu is also in the playoffs but I don't know if he is the same caliber as Luck right now. The other 4 are the Briggs GU, Richardson GU, Aikman GU, and the Hardesty Auto. LMK.

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    I have the following.

    81, 185

    Orange Refractors

    Camo Refractors

    I like this one.
    1 Andrew Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman24742 View Post
    stewman - what are you looking for?

    shortking - possibly reds, mainly Chapman or Votto, chrome is a huge plus
    Any interest in any of these or a combination of them?
    2008 Bowman Chrome Zach Cozart RC
    2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Jay Bruce FG
    2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Homer Bailey RC Logo
    (2) 2007 Bowman Draft Homer Bailey RC Logo
    (2) 2007 Bowman Draft Joey Votto FG

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    newcombe I could not trade the luck for that

    shortking yeah are there any other cards I have that you like?

    stewman - I would do the Hardesty auto, aikman and briggs

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    Were you interested in all? Just trying to gauge how much more I need to find to even it out

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    Would you trade for this Kenny Irons I see you have it but I think mines is a lower # 07 SP rookie threads letterman #46/199

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    emc - Not a big fan of those

    Shortking - are the bowman draft cards chrome?

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    The ones labeled as Bowman Chrome Draft are chromes, the ones labelled just Bowman Draft are just the base Bowman Draft

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    shortking I would trade for the chrome ones, not too interested in base ones

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