trading these g/u for vintage sports cards. if you see something let me know. also looking for joey harrington. thanks billy

03 playoff prestige michael strahan stars of the nfl #sn-15 (229/250)
99 odyssey gamegear football hologold #pm peyton manning
99 edge peyton manning game gear authentic gamegear football # pm
2002 prestige piece of the game terrell davis jersey #pog 49
2002 prestige piece of the game donavan mcnabb football #pog 16
raymond berry 01 topps archives auth. seat # 94
ed mccaffrey 02 heads up game worn jersey # 17 146/225
justin mccareins 02 pacific game worn jersey #47

chris weinke 01fl;eer hot prospects rookie premiere postmarks jersey 846/1775

02 fleer hot prospects hot materials laveranues coles # HM-LC
donovan mcnabb 02 playoff piece of the game #POG-16
antonio bryant 02 ud graded rookie jersey # AB-500 151/350