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    AHHHHHHHHHH something i didnt know i had

    I was just looking through a few of my cards and stumbled upon a 1996 Tiger Woods SI for Kids Rookie You have no idea how suprised i was to find one i need your suggestions on what to do with it should i send it to be graded??? or sell it as is??

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    Nice... $250 BV. If its in good enough condition get it graded then sell it.

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    yea i saw a 9.5 selling for 650$ on ebay with 4 days left it still has a little yellow on corners i put a scan up if you cantell me what itll grade

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    get it graded they dont get bad grades a lot and then sell it
    wow great find

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    I know i was yelling at the top of my lungs when i found it i was so happy it doesnt have any bends or anything just a little bit of yellow from another card but thats it

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    anyone know what this would grade and who should i send this into

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    One bump per day please.. Not every 20 minutes :)

    Redo your scan as well. IT seems there are a few corners that are not shown.... I also saw the bottom left corner on the picture did seem a little chipped.


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