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Thread: WTB: Tony Romo Auto

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    WTB: Tony Romo Auto

    got what i needed
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    I super collect Larry Walker, Blair White, Tommy Dreamer and MSU one of ones
    I do not ask or use paypal gift. Please do not ask for it as I will not use it.
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    dreamerfan - thanks for the offer will consider it, not really a fan of the style of the card though...

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    xdvop86 - will definatly consider this one, wanna wait to field some more offers, very nice card :D
    mndemons - not looking to spend that much, plus same card to /15 only went for $40.

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    Got this one #/15. I can do $55.

    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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    /20 45 dlvd...

    I collect Star QBs, RBs, and any booklets.Hidden Content

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    south - more than i am looking to spend atm, thanks for the offers!

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