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    My Chad Owens Custom...... Feedback Needed

    I made a Chad Owens custom.... I want your feedback

    If you want a copy of the design its $2 paypal.....


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    I think the football takes up too much of the card, we can obviously tell he plays football due to the photos, i think the ball is excessive. Just my opinion.
    Every curse, lie, violation of our lives. Every careless shallow breath,
    Corruption of our minds. All the blood and the shame, defamation of name.
    The weight of a wicked world embodied on a thankless crucifix

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    The borderless photos and white background don't do it for me.

    The football feels a little too "clip art" as opposed to authentic.

    The duplicated photo in between Chad Owens name could be replaced with the team logo or something.

    I think the concept has some good potential though.

    Looking forward to seeing revisions. Have fun.

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    Cool. The moment custom card making becomes a's no longer fun.

    Looking forward to seeing future designs.

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