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    Returning to Collecting after 20 years...

    Hey all,
    I am a returning "noob" to the activity after taking some years off form having to (sadly) spend money on real life stuff! Can't wait to get back into it, but man it is overwhelming. I collected regularly from the mid-70's to the early 90's...when there were only 1 or 2 companies to keep up with. I got out just as Upper Deck was starting. I collect hockey, football and baseball, as well as Magic:The Gathering on the non sports side. Have kept up with M:TG, but only recently "rediscovered" my sports card collection.

    so, any help is welcomed as far as what is hip and what is not as far as sets go. I don't plan on mkaing this a buisness, but I know that I will find myself getting inot it pretty deep. I like to collect to develop sets, and focus on certain players from the Leafs, Steelers and Reds.

    A couple of bucket list goals would be: (from hardest to easiest)

    1. to acquire as much Maple Leaf card inventory as I can from every year they have existed; would like to catalog every player who has touched the ice in a Leafs uni
    2. to acquire complete sets in football, hockey, and baseball from the year I was born (1969) to today; these sets being the basic "wax pack" type set
    3. complete my player collections for: Joe Morgan, Wendell Clark, Lynn Swann, Grant Fuhr, Frank Mahovlich, Jerome Bettis, the Big Red Machine greats, the Steel Curtain greats....the list goes on

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    Hey Jim, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengoblin782 View Post
    Hey Jim, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    Thanks Matthew! This site is going to be a real help to my re-acquaintance with sports cards. Have been poking around and interacting with people and everything seems very cool so far. Can't wait to utilize the inventory feature more as well. Learnign a lot in what is now a very overwhelming world/activity!

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    Welcome back to the hobby and the site.


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    Hey Jim! Welcome to the greatest sports card forum out there! Let me know if ya need some help getting acquainted!


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    "Returning to Collecting after 20 years..." Hahhaa, that's the line I've had in my head over the past week. :) Maybe I can help You with Your Leafs card inventory although, similar to You, the bulk of my cards are 80s and early 90's.

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    Welcome to SCF Jim, enjoy yourself here, you came to a great place!

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