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    1 Box Bloodlines Jon Jones 1/1 !!

    Made a trip to my LCS and broke a box of BL, almost every was SP..more happy with the mighty mouse relic than all the other hits, sickest relic ive pulled or seen!! All will be on ebay in the next day or two..I may PC the Mighty mouse

    Jon Jones Yellow Printing Plate 1/1
    Anderson Silva Base Auto Redemption
    D.Johnson ruby relic 4/8
    Brad Pickett Stamp Card 38/50
    Ronda Rousey Base #150
    Matt Hughes Auto Relic 05/50
    Stephan Bonnar Auto Relic 68/79
    D.Johnson SIIIICK (SUPERMAN) Jumbo Relic /88

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    That is a sick relic. Probably the sickest i've ever seen. Congrats on the sweet break!

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    Congrats! Great pull!

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    that's a very sweet relic. Def put that in the PC. Congrats!

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    That mighty mouse relic is bad@ss. Id hold onto it and see if one day ya get the chance to meet him and see if he knows where its from.

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    GREAT break!!! Congrats!

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