I have A LOT of cards, I wanna get some money out of them or trade them for something else. All of my cards are in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!

I will sell all of my cards for $85...shipped

OR I will sell each of the Noteable PPL for $5 each.


Here are some of my Noteable Cards-


2-Troy Aikmans
Brett Favre
2-Dan Marinos
Peyton Manning
Steve McNair-Oilers
Daunte Culpepper
Drew Bledsoe-Patriots
Steve Young
Rich Gannon
Emmit Smith
Barry Sanders
Ricky Williams-Saints
Eddie George
Jamal Anderson
2-Thurman Thomas
Leroy Hoard
Randal Cunningham-Eagles
Jerry Rice-49ers
Chris Carter-Vikes & Eagles
Antonia Freeman
Shannon Sharpe
2-Michael Irvins
Marcus Allen
Darren Woodson
John Randle


Kobe Bryant
Vince Carter
Kevin Garnett
3-Michael Jordans
3-Larry Birds
3-Magic Johnsons
2-Karl Molone
3-Scottie Pippens
2-David Robinsons
3-Patrick Ewings
Allen Houston
Hakeem Olajuwon
Rasheed Wallace-Trail Blazers
Kevin McHale
Charles Barkley
Tim Hardaway
John Stockton


2- Barry Bonds
Randy Johnson
3-Kirby Pucketts
2-Mike Piazzas
Kent Herbek
2-Ken Griffrey Jrs, 1 rookie
Gary Sheffield-Dodgers
Sammy Sosa
Fred McGriff
Jim Thome
Pedro Martinez-Red Sox
Manny Ramirez
Greg Maddux-older cubs

Here are just some of the BIG NAME people, There are a lot more cards in the book.

PM me back if interested. or email me at kenner_52@hotmail.com