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    Fleer Redemptions finally arrive

    Not too hateful, was waiting on a Ben Gordon duel jersey auto/30 and don't remember the others

    FB 2001 ultra College great preview-Jim Plunkett,Bob Lilly,Pat Sullivan
    BB 01 tradition Stitches in Time- Artie Wilson x2
    BKB autographics- Michael Doleac,Dion Glover,Othella Harrington

    Game Used
    FB 01 Goaline Gear-F Taylor Hat,M Faulk Pants, T Couch Pants
    00 Genuine Coverage - G Crowell, Kevin Johnson-Orange/brown

    BB- 01 Todd Walker Platinum jersey
    05 Randy Johnson National Pastime Grey w stripe
    01 Diamond Cuts Piazza Shoe -black w white scuff
    00 Willie Randolph Yankee Clippings

    BKB- 01 Feel the Game-Rip Hamilton x2, J Terry,
    02 Flair G Hill Warming up
    01 Legacy Jason Williams
    00 Showcase Vince Carter

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    thats one of the first cards i have seen newer than 2003 (the randy johnson).... so much for it being random
    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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