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Thread: 2012 results

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    2012 results

    well, another fantastic year of TTM has passed us by. With the 2012 NFL rookie class this year, really breathed new lite into the hobby for myself. May have been my favorite year so far for collecting. From expanding my collection to more 8x10's, & baseballs to venturing out to more baseball request, 2012 was great.

    Im not sure about the rest of you but i keep my own personal records of who i sent to, when i sent, & return date. I like to do the numbers for my returns at the end of the year. I have done it the last 2 years on here & its nice to see the the progress of the returns & percentage of the returns.

    2010 ( first real FULL year of TTMing )
    request 369
    Returns 209

    Percentage 57%

    request 654
    returns 342

    Percentage 53% <--ouch

    Now on to 2012.. ( numbers are a bit off as request sent in late dec dont have time to make it back BUT are still counted in the total request for the year )

    Request 467
    successes 351
    RTS--- 22
    Percentage 80%

    Request 234
    Successes 183
    Percentage 83%

    Request 75
    Successes 46
    Percentage 69%

    Request 15
    Successes 7
    Percentage 60%

    Request 17
    Successes 12
    Percentage 71%

    Totals for the year
    Request 808
    Successes 599
    RTS--- 40
    Percentage 74%

    Thrilled with the 74% for the year. Huge improvement from 2011. Goal for 2012 was 60% or higher. Excited for 2013. Goal is to lesson the RTS's & maybe his %70 or higher again. Think thats a good place to start.

    Love to hear how some of you guys fared & what your goals for 2013 are. Good luck to everyone in 2013 & ​

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    I'm not really big on TTM, but I did get 14 successes. Sent about 25 or so probably. I don't have exact numbers, really. I managed to get 10 email successes, probably sent a lot more, earlier in the year, but haven't sent many since August. The bulk of my stuff comes from IP and I, for my standards, killed it. I got 208 IP, but also got a late start and missed out on many chances. My best IP successes were Magic Johnson and Reggie Miller at the Sweet 16 in Phoenix. On that trip I also snagged Tom Izzo, Billy Donavan, My favorite college player Peyton Siva, along with now NBAers Jae Crowder and Draymond Green. I went for a lot of college players, HS stars and lacrosse players. My best night was October 12th at the Minnesota Gophers Midnight Madness where I got 49 autographs from current and former players, as well as women's team players and both head coaches. I got lucky a few times running into John Calipari at a HS game (got him on an IC), Boston Bruin Milan Lucic in the Bahamas (was getting married at the same resort I was staying at and we talked to his parents and got to meet him) and Tubby Smith* (I knew he was gonna be at the game in advance, HS game). I got 232 total for the year. As for 2013 my goals are to 1. get 300 autographs total 2. increase both the quality and quantity of my collection 3. Get a team ball signed by all the Gophers players and Tubby Smith when I go watch them in Iowa as well as get my photos signed by Dre Hollins, Mbakwe and Rodney Williams 4. Get all of the Swarm customs I'm gonna have made signed this season as well as work on my MLL set and get Paul Rabil And 5. Go to the NCAA lacrosse final four and make a killing.

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