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Thread: Trading: For Jean Beliveau

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    Trading: For Jean Beliveau

    As many of you know I am an avid Beliveau collector. I am slowly working on my personal collection of one of all of his cards including vintage or rare memorabilia.

    If you have Jean Beliveau and you are interested in trading, especially as a lot please let me know. I am especially looking for #1/1 or those difficult to find cards to complete various sets.

    I have lots of Beliveau traders, some rare, many vintage PSA and non, lots of Auto's from manufacturer, lots of signed cards post manufacturer, lots of memorabilia. I also have a few interesting non-Beliveau traders we can review if interested.

    Drop me a line through private message only ... and we can discuss what you have, what I need and what value. If you are looking to trade Beliveau at speculation prices (i.e., multiples of book value), I am likely not interested given that I am only hobby collecting not reselling.


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    Free bump for a great man of hockey.
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