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Thread: Updated Tradelist NO LINK

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    Updated Tradelist NO LINK


    97 SP Sign of the Times Eddie George Auto

    05 Leaf R&S Great American Heros Jevon Kearse Auto /100

    05 Topps Terrence Murphy RC AUTO

    05 Topps DP&P JJ Arrington class marks Auto RC

    05 Donruss Zenith rookie roll call Kyle Orton RC Auto /150

    05 Bowmans Best Marlin Jackson (colts cb) RC Auto /990

    05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Eli Manning Auto /10

    01 Private Stock Eddie George 3 clr patch /100

    03 Topps Prisitine Chad Pennington GU

    01 UD Triple Balls Terell Owens/JJ Stokes/Jeff Garcia triple gu ball

    05 UD Sweet Spot Matt Jones GU

    05 UD ESPN Tom Brady GU

    05 Donruss Zneith team Mozaics Jake Delhomme/Julius Peppers/Deshaun Foster triple gu jsy /100

    05 Playoff Honors Braylon Edwards rc jsy /750

    05 UD leagends Future legend Reggie Brown GU RC jsy

    04 Playoff Hogg Heaven Chad Pennington/Curtis Martin/John Abrham triple GU jsy /50

    05 Playoff Absolute Memorabilla Josh McCown GU Ball (with stiching)/lace #25/25 NO BV DUE TO SCARICITY has some soft corners..nothing to bad. Would trade at 20 BV

    05 Bowmans Best Ciatrick Fason (vikings RB) gu rc jsy /799

    05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Leroy Kelly (browns) GU /75

    05 Donruss Gridiron gear Deion Sanders (cowboys) gu nameplate 2 clr patch /35

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    I could use the Eli Auto, Deion Patch, and Panthers Triple PAtch. Check my site.

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    check trade list for Eli Manning auto and Deion Sanders patch

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    i like the eli
    have the following garrard autos
    2002 pacific exclusice 036/787
    2002 sp authentic sign of the times (x2)
    2002 topps pristine auto
    let me know if you are interestead thanks

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    id be interested in the eddie george auto- what are you looking for? Thanks
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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    Check my list for the Kearse auto, Manning Auto and Deion Patch please.

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    shino- nothing really sorry

    new- McAllister (1-Color)/Portis (3-Colors)/Tomlinson (3-Colors) 2003 Hot Prospects Triple Patch 26/50 (McAllister & Portis Jsy #)
    Chad Johnson 2004 E-XL Clearly Authentics Tan 2-Color Patch/Auto #/85 (INCOMING)

    steelrsrock- need the pristine thats it..see anything else off my list for it?

    plantri- looking for david garrard and dajuan wagner along with chris gedney in fb and chase utley n bsb LMK

    vikingfan- didnt really see you have anything of players i collect?

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    nope, none of that stuff, thanks though
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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    plantri- just looked at your all you were interstead from me the george auto? I also have a george patch :) anway here is what I liked
    moats auto, orvolosky auto, westbrook auto, both edwards gu, the farve and the bettis gu LMK hehe

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