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Thread: Couple things FS

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    Couple things FS

    Have the following FS

    Colin Kaepernick topps chrome black refractor rc $20
    (can provide scan)

    Marshawn Lynch Topps magic auto $20

    Calvin Johnson Topps Chrome xfractor rc $30

    Prices are gift dlvd.

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    Hey man what's up? Is that black kaepernick #d?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soxfanray View Post
    Hey man what's up? Is that black kaepernick #d?
    Yes sir, 069/299

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    hmmm. I just sold a bunch of his refractors on ebay. He's hot man. I'll be in touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdskyhawks View Post
    I'll take the Colin for the $20

    wow EXCELLENT pick up man!
    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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