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Thread: Need Money Tonight

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    A LOT of people have come through with emails but sometimes we dont even get to talking about prices or anything, why do people do that?

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    I'm a straight shooter. I msg someone that I'm interested in something, I expect a reply with a reasonable price, especially when they NEED money. Not a bloated price where I could buy 2 of them on ebay. Not saying you in general but I'm new and it's happened plenty already. I come here to get a better deal than ebay, not worse. ;) If that happens, I most likely will just ignore them and move on. ;)

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    If you're willing to throw together a good Football lot of an offer I can't refuse, let me know. ;)

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    I will work with you on something I was just about to say whoa I didnt throw out any bloated prices lol

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    Anyone else willing to grind out a deal?

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    Your collections takes about 17 hours to go through ;). I'm interested in the following if anything rings a bell.

    Bo Jackson (Royals or White Sox)
    Michael Jordan (Bulls)
    Lebron James (Heat)
    Gretzky (Kings or Rangers)
    Messier (Rangers)
    Kirby Puckett
    Barry Sanders
    Jerry Rice (49ers)
    Adrian Peterson
    Randy Moss (Vikings)
    Walter Payton
    Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
    Denzel Washington

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    Pm me what raiders stuff u have for sale if any at all...please leave me price also
    Im always looking for Raiders Autograph cards. Has to be in Raiders uniform and it has to be autographed

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    Anyone else?

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