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    New to Football Card Collecting

    Im new to collecting football. I was wandering when the rookie class with Vince Young and Reggie Bush will be avaliable? Would like to get their rookie cards.

    Thanks in advance,


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    According to CharmCityCards:

    SAGE HIT - 4/12
    Press Pass - 4/26
    Playoff Prestige - 5/18

    I'd assume a few more closer to the draft will pop up as we get closer to draft day

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    My two cents...
    Be ready to spend some cash on any Vince and/or Reggie RCs is your buy from the secondary market. Especially any new releases.
    When I first started collecting, I spent TOO much because I had no objective in mind.
    Over ten years later (and alot of $$$), I've narrowed down my collecting scope to my favorite team (Cowboys).
    I still rip packs abit for the thrill of it, but very rarely the hi-priced ones.
    When collecting I've found that one needs to keep a goal in mind....and also a budget.

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    I disagree with jedijohnson. I like to collect all players, all teams, all sprots. I just think its mor fun this way.

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    Yea I have a broad collecting scope I mainly deal with hall of famers from every sport (baseball, football, and basketball) but its hard for me because I'm under a budget so I have to spend wisely. I think what will probably happen is I will buy packs and try to pull a Vince or Reggie RC rather than buy one.

    Thanks for you input,

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    I`m looking forward to the upcoming releases myself. I already bought in on Prestige pre-sells and looking forward to SPA and SPx when they come out. I just have to stop spending money right now and generate some eBay income so I can have some real fun busting a few 2006 boxes. I`m like you a little and prefer pulling my RC`s rather than purchasing them.

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