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Thread: Going to Strikeforce!!!

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    Going to Strikeforce!!!

    Going to the final Strikeforce event in OKC next weekend. Will be able to attend the weigh-in and was thinking about trying to snag some on card auto's from some of the fighters. Does anyone know if the fighters are even accessible at this event? This will be my first time trying to get autographs at a MMA event so not quite sure what would be the easiest route in doing so. Any help you could offer would be appreciated!
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    Congrats shows are AWESOME! I try to make all the shows in Canada.

    I'm not sure how it works for strikeforce but at the UFC, they give "fight club" members access to area hours before the weights and most fighters are there signing autographs. Ask around, keep your ear to the ground about any potential appearances and follow strikeforce on twitter for updates...or just tweet them and ask.

    Wish you all the luck and I'll let you know if I hear anything

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    The easiest way is absolutely finding the fighter should be pretty easy to find through twitter..good luck!
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